Alchemy by Camel audio is on it's last legs

iOS & iPadOS

Alchemy mobile has been my go to music creation app ever since I discovered it. It has been the easiest to use most responsive and the most voiceover friendly music creation application that I've used on any platform. I was very unhappy and sad to find the Apple purchased camel audio and that they would know longer be updating their software you can't even buy it anymore.
I was filled with anxiety each time there was an iOS update hoping my beloved alchemy would continue to work. It was always a great relief when I found out it still was performing as before.
But sadly now with the most recent update to iOS 10.1.1, there is a message that comes up an alert that says alchemy may slow down my system and that the developer needs to update the software.
The problem is that camel audio no longer exists and is owned by Apple. Apple is not updating the software. This is a super shame because it is probably the most well thought out accessible music app anyone has created for an eye device. Why Apple would buy something that was working so well for the blind and then remove it from the market is beyond me perhaps they needed some of that technology whatever the reason it has caused me to be fearful of losing this beautiful application all together.
The good news is that it seems to still be working despite the notification alert. I haven't had any real glitches with it so far. And his performance seems to be as good as it was before. Even still works on my 5S. I hope Apple will continue to support this product even though it is no longer for sale because they did because they did purchase the company. I also hope that Apple will put resources into supporting more programs like this that really work so well with voiceover and have a good understanding of the UI when people who are blind are using it.



Submitted by Toonhead on Thursday, November 3, 2016

I've seen this alert on a couple apps too after I installed iOS 10.1 and the apps in question still work normally. So have no least not yet!

Submitted by Bobcat on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Anyone using Alchemy without iOS 11 beta?
I checked the compatibility list and it is not supported or in the store now. However, it is not a 32 bit app so may still work. I just don't want to loose Alchemy. It is still the most fun music performance and creation app I've used. It is also one of the best examples of making a complex music creation and performance process blind friendly with a screen reader that I've experienced.

Submitted by Devin on Thursday, July 27, 2017

I am running the iOS 11 beta and had Alchemy. I just tested it and it will not run, says the developer needs to update it. This appears to be the error which indicates it is a 32 bit app and thus the app is probably toast.

Submitted by Bobcat on Thursday, September 21, 2017

` Hi Devon. I didn't see your comment till today. I just installed iOS 11 and cannot run alchemy. I get the same message. But when I checked before it didn't say Alchemy was a 32 bit app. So, I'm kind of wondering if it's just because Apple hasn't updated Alchemy or if it is a 32 bit app after all.
Apple bought the company. I was hoping they would update alchemy.

Submitted by DJX on Friday, September 22, 2017

Hey has anybody tried Alchemy on the mac side with Logic? My understanding is that Apple bought it before Camel Audio went out to integrate it into Logic so they can have a power synth to leverage Logic. I've not a chance to play with it, wondering if any of you guys have? I didn't even know about the iOS version, but I guess it was a good thing I didn't, or I'd be sad about losing access to it now.