App works on iPhone SE2020 with VO but not on 12Pro

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I have an issue which has me stumped. Our local transit provider has just begun operating an on-demand service. I have downloaded the booking app, go2 by MATS, onto both my SE2020 and my iPhone 12-Pro. It works well on the SE2020 but voiceover doesn't recognize that there are any controls or text when I open it on the 12-Pro. Both phones are running IOS 14.6. I even set the 12-pro voice to the same one as I am using on the SE. I've checked every other setting to see if there are any differences which might account for this discrepency. I've uninstalled and re-installed the app several times and have restarted the 12-Pro. I'd love any suggestions as to how I can get the app to work on my 12-Pro. Thanks all.



Submitted by Lee on Saturday, June 26, 2021

Hi Have you confirmed this isn't the ongoing Screen Recognition issue? If not you can quickly try the following
1 once you are in the app go to the app switcher.
2 use the rota to find screen recognition and make sure it is turned off
3 go back into the app.
You could also try going to the accessibility section and deleting and redownloading all screen recognition settings. This is an issue with a lot of apps so maybe this is the issue here.

Submitted by xenacat3 on Saturday, June 26, 2021

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I turned the screen recognition off and on numerous times while in the app. However, I didn’t realize you could change it while in the app switcher. That seems to have fixed it and I’ve learned something new. Thanks