Apple account unlock page broken with iOS 14.6

iOS and iPadOS

Has anyone else seen this? Reported to Apple as well.

Hello. Recently, I needed to unlock my Apple account. I elected to have Apple send me e-mail
with a link to the unlock page. If I use Safari on iOS 14.6 with VoiceOver enabled on that
link, I cannot enter a new password because VoiceOver can only see the confirm password field,
not the enter new password field. Requesting the desktop site doesn't work because when it
loads, VoiceOVER sees nothing at all on the page.
This might work with Chrome and Windows, but this is not a good endorsement for the quality
control Apple is using with its own products. It's own account reset page should work with
VoiceOver and should not require the use of an outside product or the help of a sighted assistant.

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter!