Ariadne GPS & Sendero GPS LookAround *URGENT*

iOS and iPadOS
Hi I would like to find out from users who use Ariadne GPS & Sendero GPS LookAround apps if these apps work in Asia, countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia? Do they support Indoor Positioning System? Like can it work indoors like malls? If I am in a mall, can it tell me what shops or levels there are? Something like how Google Map works, it is able to tell me what shops are around me when I am in a mall. Please reply asap. Thank you.



Submitted by Francisco crespo on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hi, There are no indoor maps in these regions. I suggest you Blindsquare that could give you orientation using Open street maps and Foursquare. Sincerely i don't know if it will work okay, you can check it in Osm website. As it uses Foursquare points, if places are in Foursquare you can get information about distance and direction of a place without indoor maps, it works in malls too. Unfortunately you can't know in what floor the place is, but know there are no apps which could offer something similar I know BlindSquare developer thinks integrating vector and Osm indoor maps when he could use them, so it will be available in the future I hope it helps Regards