Audiobus: realtime audio pipeline between apps

iOS and iPadOS
If you'd ask me what I want for Christmas, I may reply, that as far as iOS and apps are concerned, this year, I've basicly gotten everything I've dreamed of. We've got an accessible audio editor: Hokusai, we've got a great Crossfading music player: Muxica, we've got a great podcasting salution with carts" Bossjock, and now, maybe something to tigh any and every audio app of our dreams, together as one. I just heard of this today, it was released Yesterday, it's called Audiobus. If you've followed my twitter timeline, amazingly, without knowing it was coming into existance, I wrote about it just a week or so ago. We all love, and are thankful for, audio copy/paste right? Now, that's been brought into real time. Similar to Virtual audio cable on Windows, Audiobus, can take audio output from one app, and input it to another. The catch, is that apps need to support Audiobus. I've not tried Audiobus as of yet, because I only have one app that's been updated to support it. I have though, contacted the Audiobus development team, and they tell me that it's currently fairly accessible, and that accessibility will improve with future updates. What I suggest as of now, is hitting up, to read more about Audiobus, and it's feature set. Then, if you have apps that support it, and the funds to try Audiobus, you might do so, as well as, contacting your favorite apps developers to get the knoledge of Audiobus into their hands. I think this adition to iOS technology could be amazing! Keep up to date with Audiobus on twitter by following: @AudiobusApp



Submitted by Sean Terry on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As soon as I get the funds. This will be a app in my collection. This is a must have for me. I am a major musician and love sounds from all different apps that I have.