Bluetooth headphones being switched off in some apps in iOS

iOS & iPadOS
I recently purchased a bluetooth headset, the LG Tone 700, which is a very cool design and is very solid overall, I hope to submit a review of them soon, they are stereo earbuds basically. However, on my iPad 3, some apps switch away from the headphones and use the built in speaker instead upon launch. So far, the apps doing this are Dimensions, Songify, and laDiDa. I have looked in settings both of the iPad and each app, but I'm not seeing anything about it, I have also searched google for an answer, but I'm not finding anything. Pandora works fine, so its obviously not all apps here. One thing, the apps that are switching away all use the microphone, so that may be related, but the headset has a built in mike. Any suggestions much appreciated, also if anyone has a bluetooth headset that does not have this issue, I'd be curious to know about it.