Can anybody help solve a problem with the Twitter iOS app

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Hello All

Has anyone experienced the following problem and have a way to fix it? In the Twitter app, when I try to compose a new tweet with voiceover on, my iPad freezes and automatically kicks me out of the app. This does not happen when I reply to tweets on the iPad or if I am just scrolling through my twitter feed. This issue only happens on my iPad and only in the Twitter App and with Voiceover on, it works fine with voiceover off. The Twitter app on my iPhone works fine with voiceover as well as the Twitter on my macbook.

I have checked for updates to iOS and the app on my iPad and all are up-to-date. I have deleted the app and reloaded it, but it has not made any difference. I have also hard-restarted the iPad by holding down the home and power button for 30 seconds as someone advise me that this may help - but no luck. I have tried to tweet and ask Twitter, but I am still getting nowhere.

Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.



Submitted by McCheryl on Monday, June 27, 2016

Yes. I am having the same problem. I have not been on twitter for a couple of weeks and noticed this morning that I cannot compose tweet with voiceover. Its been working fine for several months. Not sure what has happened. But now we are at the freeze stage again!
Fix Needed!