Can anybody recommend a good translation app for iOS?

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I was in the apple apps store one time and I thought would not this be nice if they had a apps that let say if I travel over see, and let's say the guy on the other side of the counter speaks Italien, and now English or for me French, so I went and check one apps and I did pay for it, and I kept it I think but at first I was so happy everything is so good and voice over read 99.99999 pourcent I was super happy.
and with this you could do it many kind of way, the one I loved the best, th3e apps use your microphone for me from the touch right? and you did before choose Ebnglish as your first language so one feature is the 2 persons feature, voice over tell you this.
and the idea is you don't have to type anything, if I was in the meddle east somewhere, so you know, Englis I beleive has nothing in commun with those type of language, so I am at my hotel, it is so great, I would take my touch and I would do my tap tap and I would say my name is this I have a reservation and so on and some how the second language that you have chossen in a matter of a fraction will show what you said in the language of where you are, and the guy is not blind so I saw what you have done so he would do the same there is a buttun and voice over say talk, but there must be a symbole for the sight person.
so the guy would yack away and it would show in english and it works great, the guy I live with knows spanish almost perfect and we played a game like if I was stock with a spanish person that has no waht so ever english,and it really works but, you know the apps is so well done, it tells you just I should say it is super good until the time that you realise that voice over will not read thebox where the translation happen,.
and it is not the kind of scenario that I am kind of wanting voice over to speake all kind of stuff I am just talking about English
because when I speak english t=after the tap tap on the buttun, it will show let say I did choose spanish but I don't need to know that the other person can see, but when the spanish say something and the english appear it will not read too.
so the language is not the probleme what ever come up and the box will not read. does anyone know one that wikll read the englishtranslation
the one I had try you could type in english and choose the other language and that part is ok because the other person is not blind but when the time come for me to understand what the other one has type or say with is voice it will not tell me the english you know what I mean?'

thanksthis is my second question and it will be my last one today give you my word, big smile!!!



Submitted by TJT 2001 on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My preferred app is Google Translate because it supports many languages, and supports many of them very well. It is also very accessible.

Below is a link to a mainstream iOS podcast where the hosts compare many translation apps, and also demonstrate some of them.

Submitted by captain batman on Monday, July 4, 2016

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thanks for all the good info. just one question, can you go to google play if you have a apple divise?

Submitted by Bahzad on Monday, July 4, 2016

Google Translate appears in the app store and as of this post, has a four-star rating. The "get" button is next to the app's name. Hope that helps.

Submitted by TJT 2001 on Monday, July 4, 2016

The Play Store is for Android devices. The Google Translate app is also in the App Store for iDevices. I find the iOS app to be much more accessible than the web interface.

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