can anyone confirm the following bug regarding Ios. 13

iOS & iPadOS

Helly all!
I've got a question about confirming if apps are still or are no longer crashing in Ios. & Ipad-Os. 13.1.
I seen a comment in the post about accessibility bugs introduced/resolved in Ios. 13. The person who made the comment said that certain apps like Goodreads crashed after opening.
My questions are:
1. Is this still happening in Ios. & Ipad-Os. 13.1?
2. If so, has anyone found workarounds?
3. What apps is this happening on? For example, I noticed Goodreads (and app I use several times a day) was on that list.
Is there a spicific type(s(
for example, is it mainly happening with game apps for example?

I know there's no way 2 tell if this will happen 2 me until I update, but if anyone can tell me it's either a: still happening or not or b: only happens with this type of app or c: any other explanation that will factor into my decision whether 2 update on Monday or not. If you guys could at least give me a sense of what app or apps or what type(s( of apps it's happening with, or just tell me it's been fixed or not. Because I didn't see that on the latest post regarding Ios. 13.1. Thank you guys! I know you might not be able to answer all of my questions, but I say some is better than none, & that every use case is different. But I'd rather not go in blind. If it helps, I use an ipad mini 4. Thanks again for your help guys! :)