capslock not working on blue tooth keyboard?

iOS and iPadOS
I appear to be having an issue with the capslock key on my Rii Mini blue tooth keyboard under iOS 7 where it seems to toggle automatically to capslock off, and there appears to be no way to turn the capslock on, it seems like. It will start to say capslock on, but swiitch to capslock off instead.



Submitted by E88 on Sunday, September 29, 2013

am having exactly the same problem and it's extremely annoying...the annoying thing is that caps lock actually does come on but voice over announces it as being ff when it isn't, so as a result i've managed to type a whole block of text in caps thinking it was off and entered passwords in caps when I thought it was off. I've emailed apple and they're looking into will see...wouldn't have updated my ipad to IOS 7 had I known some of the bugs relating to bluetooth keyboards cos that's not the only one.