Command tabbing on IPad is showing apps that are closed on my app switcher

iOS & iPadOS

I have an IPad Pro and when pressing command tab to navigate through my open apps and to switch apps I notice I see several apps that I’ve closed or that aren’t showing in the app switcher. Is this normal?



Submitted by Serena on Friday, May 11, 2018

hi, yes i have exactly the same thing happening. it's rather odd. not totally sure why it's happening, and if it's a bug, or a feature. two ways to look at it are as follows. one is that it is a bug, and needs fixing. the other, is that perhaps it's designed to let you command tab through, and open up apps you actually force quit recently, to make it easier to relaunch them. i don't know which of these it is. we'd have to either do some deep research into this one, or talk to apple to identify if this is a feature or shouldn't be happening. it's not a major problem, but rather curious and strange.