Converting lists in a note to Separate Reminders on IOS

iOS and iPadOS

Hello all:
Am depending on my notes app to arrange most of my daily tasks.
but , i need these tasks to be with reminders, 1 way is to create a note containing all my daily tasks and another reminder for each task, but it may not be very easy.
so, am asking if i can convert a note that contains several check items into reminders? in order to use them in a more professional way?
and, are there any advanced shortcuts that can arrange this task for me?



Submitted by Laura Tosetto on Tuesday, January 18, 2022

I found this shortcut in the gallery section of the Shortcuts app. It allows you to turn any text you input when you run it into reminders, one for each line of text you enter. You can also use the notes app: after you wrote your list of tasks, tap on "note actions" and choose "send a copy", or use the rotor actions when in the list of all your notes, then choose "batch add reminders" from the share sheet. The shortcut will prompt you to enter a name for the set of reminders, because it will create a main reminder with the items of your list as subtasks.
Here is the link to add the shortcut:
Hope this helps!