facebook messenger sound

Hey guys
Is it just me, or did the facebook team remove the messenger ding sound? If they removed it, I hope they bring it back in a future update. It's just confusing to have all my app notifications sound the same now. It was nice to hear that ding sound, especially if I was doing something else, at least I knew what it was. Hope you all are well!


Hello. Have you updated the

Hello. Have you updated the app recently? I have noticed until you reboot the phone sometimes the messenger app will play the default notification sound after updating. Or when you open it after updating and relaunch sometimes that fixes it as well. Hope that helps and this is not a bug.

I did update the app, and

I did update the app, and have turned my phone on and off. I think this is a new version bug because I didn't update the version on my 7th gen ipod touch 7th gen and it still plays the messenger sound

thanks for the help

turns out, after updating the app, the messenger sound just started to play again, without a restart of the phone. That was strange
Applevis rocks, always so helpful