Fixing Sound Delay on IPhone 6S

iOS & iPadOS

I just got an IPhone 6S, and while using MBraille or the Braille screen input, I will type and the soundcard will clip half or all of the character when I'm typing. The beep for Siri is also clipped when using Hey Siri.
Rather than saying "the" I will just here "uh" or rather than "my", I won't hear anything.
I can hear a pop when the sound card turns off and on. A hiss is on when the sound card is working.
I'm running the latest IOS 13 with an IPhone 6S.
Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I just got a new IPhone 6s because I didn't want this exact problem (or lag) to happen with Bluetooth headphones.
This problem never happened with my IPhone 6 and it does not happen with my Windows computer.
Any ideas?
Thank you,