A Flipboard tip

iOS and iPadOS
I'm visually impaired, so I use Voiceover intermittently, but I have read news stories and other articles from the Flipboard app. Once I get to where I want to be in Flipboard, I toggle Voiceover on with three taps of the home button. Then I touch the area on the display where I want to start reading, I swipe two fingers down the display to read my content, and repeat the three taps of the home button to disable Voiceover. Now I know that I'm not using Voiceover in a way that's consistent with how a totally blind person would use it. But I wanted to share my limited experience with VoiceOver and Flipboard running together as a place to start. The Flipboard app is free, so there is nothing to lose from that standpoint. Good luck, I hope it works for everyone. - Gene



Submitted by Victor Tsaran on Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hi, Unless I am misunderstanding what you're trying to do, this VoiceOver toggling isn't at all necessary. You can touch the screen in the place you want to start reading at even with VoiceOver on Are you reading on the iPhone or iPad?.