forwarding text messages containing photos

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I opologize if this is in the rong forum, I expect the info I need is probably on the site already, just not sure where to look. A friend sent me some text messages containing photos, I want to forward them to another colleague but when I do, she's just receiving the text and not the photos in the original message. How to I attach these pictures? thanks very much for any help



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, May 20, 2013

You may have tried to send more than one picture to your friends via the Messages app on iOS. Currently there's no way to add more photos when sending an MMS, that is unless you open the Photos app and do it from there. The process is simple, just open Photos and go to the Album or Camera Roll to choose the pictures you want to text. Tap the arrow button in the upper right hand corner. Tap the photos you wish to send via MMS, and a red check mark will appear over the photos selected. Now touch the Share button in the lower left hand corner of the display. You will have the choice of Email, Message, or Print. Tap Message to open a new MMS in the Messages app with your selected photos. Now you can add recipients and text as normal, but with more photos.