Giving out 30 copies of our app for free. The app is "1Timer - Voice Timer". (Sorry, we ran out of promo codes)

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UPDATE on 4/15:

For those who didn't manage to get a copy, there is a lite version (i.e. ad supported version) out now. It's free, so you can try it out to see if you like it.

UPDATE on 3/15: we’ve run out of promo codes.

We are giving out 30 copies of our app for free. The app is "1Timer - Voice Timer". Please send an email to [removed due to unavailability] with subject "Requesting for promo code from AppleVis". Thanks a lot!

See introduction here:


We have used up the 10 promo

App Developer

We have used up the 10 promo code. But I generated another 20. So please keep sending requests. Given the rate at which this is going the 20 will be gone soon.


Got my, Normaly I use siri but do not like that I can not tell when I am close to the end. Thanks.

Thank you!

Hi, thank you for the copy! I'll test it, sounds great

siri shortcut

Are you planning to add a siri shortcut for the app? Again thanks for it.

got my copy

Thank you so much. I got my copy,and I love the app.

Got my Copy Too

Thanks for the copy, got it the other day and, when I have a moment, will play with it more in depth.

One minor little gripe, when opening the app and you have those buttons to add minutes, the button to add 1 minute, well, the word "minute" has an "s", and since the button refers to adding just one minute, the "s" should be removed.

I know this is a minor little issue, but I just thought I would bring it up.

Thanks again for the app, look forward to playing with it some more.