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Hello. I would like some advice on how to create ringtones from My Music Library. I would like to use iOS, but might be willing to try using the Mac if that will work better. I know absolutely nothing about Audio editing and find it very intimidating. Not all of the ringtones I want to make are at the beginning of songs.
I tried the free version of Ringtone Maker, and even got to the song I wanted, but I couldn't tell where I was in the track, as it told me where I was by minute and second but wasn't playing through the headphones or speaker, so I was lost. Do I have to get this information from some other App beforehand? Any help would be much appreciated, preferably in layman's terms. Thanks.



Submitted by JeffB on Monday, July 11, 2016

I use windows but it should be easy enough if you have a good audio editer for the Mac. I find where I want the ring tone to start and put what's called a q point in Gold Wav which just marcs it. Then I put another marker where I want the tone to end then split the file. After naming the file I go in and make sure the metta data info is how I want it so it will be named right in Itunes. Then I use an audio converter to convert the file to a M4R file and add it into Itunes. Keep in mind that for some lame reason your ring tone can only be 40 seconds long. I hope Apple changes this soon. I am not sure how well this would work on a Mac sorry.

Submitted by falcon wings on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Haven't tried it myself,and it seems kinda pointless having a 500mb app just so that you can create ringtones and such, but that's the only way to do it on a ios device.
Googling a bit should bring up results on how to make a ringtone using garageband, but I have no clue how Voiceover accessible the hole process is.
on windows or mac, Itunes can be used to create ringtones although the process is far from simple
In your itunes library,select a song, go to get more info set the playback from x to y where x is the starting time and y is ending time of your tone, then when that's done, bring up a applications menu and do convert to arc version or something along those lines. After that's done with, you should have 2 similar songs in your Itunes library, find the m4a version of the song using the file explorer/finder, rename it to m4r instead of m4a,and cutpaste the file in automaticly add to itunes folder. and you should have the ringtone.
If you want your song back to playing its hole length again, just go to the mp3 song get more info,and set its playback to default instead of the x y values you set it to.
Feel free to delete the second entry of the same song that still exists in your itunes library.
Note: when selecting a playback start and end position make sure its not longer than 30 seconds,because that's the length your ringtones need to be. if its longer than that, The ringtone probably will play the first 30 seconds or not play at all.

Hope that helps some.

Submitted by geekmee on Friday, July 29, 2016

I am making a ringtone in Garageband iOS, what do the numbers along the top of the ruler refer when recording a loop?