Help with MS Word on iOS

iOS & iPadOS

I have an iPhone 6 and am trying to use MS Word with a bluetooth keyboard.

Any suggestions for working with Word this way?

Specifically I have trouble easily getting into the edit field for a document. I see many buttons and ribbon items, but no place to start entering text.

I did click the "Mobile View" button, but that didn't help.

Also, I have gotten into Word on iOS in the past (several months ago), and I also have another issue when navigating through text. When I hit Option+right Arrow to move through text a word at a time, VoiceOver speaks each word as I navigate. However, if I try to navigate backward by hitting Option+LeftArrow, VoiceOver does not speak the words as I navigate (although the focus is properly moved a word at a time). Is this a bug?

Anyway, the biggest problem ow is finding a reliable way to actually enter text using a bluetooth keyboard and VoiceOver.

Thanks for any hints on how to use Word on iOS more efectively. Because of such problems what I've generally done in the past is to write a note in the iOS Notes app and then copy it into Word.