How do I turn off haptic touch?

I think VoiceOver and haptic touch are conflicting and this causes the pass through gesture to have random effects. How can haptic touch be turned off on my ipad Air3 ios13?


Haptic Touch can be turned

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Haptic Touch can be turned off by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > 3D & Haptic Touch and toggling Haptic Touch off.


Hi, I have this switch on my

Hi, I have this switch on my iphone7 but my ipad Air3 does not have this on/off switch, only a fast/slow setting.

Hi, I do not have this

Hi, I do not have this setting on my ipad. Setting is for Sounds and not Sounds and Haptics. Ipad Air3 ios13.

Hi, i have this setting on my

Hi, i have this setting on my device. If you don’t have it on your device, try what tyler suggested.

Hi, I do not have any setting

Hi, I do not have any setting to switch off haptic touch, I only have a fast/slow setting. My iphone has a switch setting but my ipad Air3, a few months old, does not.

My iPad Air 3

My iPad Air 3 also only offers fast or slow options. Also a touch duration test. However, and I don't know why yet because I just got the iPad yesterday, I am not experiencing any haptic feedback at all.

Turning off Haptic Touch


Under Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Audio > Sounds and Haptics, you have the ability to turn off the haptic stuff which is controlled by VoiceOver. I am using an iPhone 8, and this was the only way I found to stop the haptic touch feature from working.

This is a suggestion from

This is a suggestion from Apple


After additional testing, we believe that we have identified the point of confusion. The pass-through gesture is designed to interact with the item in VoiceOver focus. In the inbox view in Mail, the scroll bar does not appear in VoiceOver’s swipe order, which is why you have been encountering the Haptic Touch menu. However, you can select the scrollbar by touching or dragging your finger to the far right edge of your screen. Once the vertical scroll bar is selected, the double-tap and hold can be consistently used to scroll through the inbox.


I have tried the above without success.

UsingMail as an example, I used to be able to use the one finger double tap and hold (pass through gesture) to do a drag up and down the list of emails by sliding finger up or down. With ios13 this is now hit and miss. Sometimes it works for a while but suddenly stops working correctly. I can return later and it will be working again.
Apps such as YouTube and Spotify have same issues.
I am assuming the haptic touch feature is causing the problem, but there is no off switch in my ipad settings.
Ps the pass through gesture has been working perfectly for last two hours. I have no idea why it will suddenly malfunction for hours.