IHeart Radio App

iOS and iPadOS

Hello all. I am from New Zealand. I have the IHeart Radio App on my IPhone 5 and until a few months ago could use it perfectly. When I updated to IOS 8.4 for some reason I was logged out of my IHeart Radio App. I now can not get back into it. When I double tap on Already have an account button, I am put into a loop where I am asked to accept the terms and conditions but if I double tap on this, I just am put continuely in the loop, getting nowhere. I have been writing to the IHeart radio help people, but I feel as though they don't understand what I am saying. I think this bug was fixed for the IHeart radio in America so what I am wondering is, why can't it be fixed here? Also, is there some other person I should be contacting to ask for them to fix the log in errors?
Thank you for any advice or help.