iOS 13.4 questions before upgrading

I haven't seen much at all on this site about the new iOS 13.4 update. have the bugs in 13.3.1 been fixed, and are there any new bugs? I would like to know before updating. Thanks.


My experience

My experience has been that I have seen the bug where certain elements are miss read his text fields, and I have seen that yesterday is being a bit miss pronounce. But the second one, I can live with because it sounds almost the same. The first one, it’s a bit of a hassle but you can deal with it. I do like the fact that voiceover no longer interrupts one Siri is talking
But from what I’ve heard, if you use smart invert, it might be a good idea to hold off still. I have no usable vision so I can’t test this for myself, but I’m sure other people on here would be happy to express what it’s been like for their use cases. Every use case is different, so you’ll have to largely make that decision for yourself on whether you wanna upgrade this or not.
Another thing, whenever I see an entry in the blog for iOS or iPadOS, I subscribe to it. And I watch it over the next few days prior to and or after upgrading. That way I can keep an eye on any potential bugs coming in that I might possibly experience that were noted in the original post. I have noticed that sometimes dictation isn’t telling me what it put into the text field sometimes though.

Bug maybe

When using siri, you hear the sound before she talks after that, you do not. Not sure if this a bug. Using 11 pro max and 13.4

ios problem

Hello. The most troubling and annoying is that voiceover perceives any item as a text field, especially in safari. I noticed this problem while I was in beta and now I am happy with ios 13.3.1. It's better if you never update.

looks like I won't be updating this time.

that new bug where blocks of text are falsely announced as text fields is definitely not a selling point for me, and therefore I will not be updating until the bug is fixed unless I absolutely have to. I was really hoping that they were going to fix the battery issues and other bugs, but instead they have added new ones. I am really disappointed. I had heard nothing but good things about the beta a couple weeks ago. I don't know what happened between then and now.


Very annoying Samantha misreading yesterday as something like "yestertay", and the textfields bug is also getting boring.

Not much has changed.

I haven't noticed much changes for the better in 13.4. One minor thing I've noticed is that Sirie says, "Want to reply?" and he says reply funny.


Siri is having speech problems. She needs to go a see a speech therapist, but apple will not spend the money.