iPad Apple Sim - T-Mobile Plan Selection Page Appears Inaccessible with VoiceOver iOS 8.1

iOS and iPadOS

I just received a new iPad Air 2 with the included Apple SIM, and I have been unable to sign up for a T-Mobile prepaid plan.

It appears that the plan options on the T-Mobile page are not coded as links.

I have been trying to sign up for a T-Mobile promotional plan for 5GB for 5 months for $10. The plan names are on the page, but you cannot select a plan or locate a next or continue button.

I have not yet tried it with AT&T or Sprint to see if their plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tion pages are inaccessible as well.

I am hesitant to try it with AT&T, because once you sign up for an AT&T plan on the new Apple SIM (included in the new iPad Mini and iPad Air models) AT&T locks the Apple sim to AT&T. The only way you can then choose another carrier, besides AT&T, is to replace the SIM in the iPAD. If you select Sprint or T-Mobile, the SIM is not locked to the carrier. FYI, Verizon Wireless VZW is not participating in the Apple SIM program.

So I suppose I could try it with Sprint to see if I am able to get further in the plan selectrion & account provisioning process.

I have tried this with Sprint, and while there are radio buttons for the plans, when you double tap on a radio button, it does not say it is selected and it reports unexpected results like "radio button unchecked 22 of 6."

I have also reported this to Apple acccessibility.