issue with text message forwarding on iOS to Mac

iOS and iPadOS

Hi first I have a iPhone 6s running 11.0.2.
After setting up text message forwarding, I keep on getting messages about apple verification codes.
I got like 6 of them.
its strange.
the first time I set it up, I got a code.
then after that kept getting several message verification codes



Submitted by DrummerGuy on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Did you enter the code on your Mac? Also, you have to keep in mind that, after a certain time, the code will expire and you will need a new one. I had that problem along time ago, too. Good luck.

Submitted by chad on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

hi yes I entered the code but for some strange reason its still sending me verification codes.
not sure if its a ios11 bug
text message forwarding is working, but its just annoying though, getting a bunch of verification texts, even its verified