Is iTunes Still The Best Way To Transfer Audio From Windows PC To iPhone?

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Hi - i"m looking to record all my old comedy albums (don't ask why I gave all my old music albums away!!!!) probably via Audacity from an Audio Technica LP120 turntable on Windows 10. Once I've got the audio tracks, I'm wanting to put them on my iPhone for something different to do when exercising and I need a break from podcasts or Audible. I'm just wondering is iTunes still the best alternative for syncing/transferring or is there something better? Appreciate thoughts.



Submitted by Kevan on Sunday, May 3, 2020

There's Walter 2, a 3rd party paid Windows and Mac alternative. I've heard it works nicely over WiFi and automatically puts files added into Walter 2 into the correct places on your iPhone based on file extension, or something.

I have not tried this mainly because I still have a Windows 7 PC and WiFi isn't supported on Win 7.

Submitted by Fish on Sunday, May 3, 2020

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Thanks, not to worried about Wi-fi - It was more about the ease of getting stuff on and off my iPhone. Not sure if Files might be an option i.e. putting it in the cloud and then playing it on the iPhone - just looking for options.

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