keyboard commands and usb sticks for ipad

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hey guys,
I am looking for keyboard commands for the ipad using voiceover. I'm also looking for a usb flash drive to use with the ipad as I have a camera conneection kit for it. Thanks for any help that can be had.
Aaron L



Submitted by Mohammad Aldalain on Friday, November 20, 2015

Maybe you can try wireless USB pendrives. Sanddisk is making ones of those. Still reviews vary but you may find something worth buying.

There are lists of keyboard commands on the net.
Be careful though, the keyboard commands for sighted users may not work under voiceover.
Some do some don't.
I have some lists that may help if you cannot find these commands.
I use the ipad mini and braillesense u2.
You can email me at:

I wish you would email me even if you don't need the list because
I have no idea if this reply is reaching you or not.
Have fun.
Sorry I know nothing about flash drives.
Perhaps you can inform me on this topic.

Brian Tew