Magnifier and VoiceOver Shortcut Problem

iOS & iPadOS

So, I just discovered a really strange problem when creating a specific Shortcut on the iPhone and iPad.

First some quick background. I decided to create a shortcut that would open the Magnifier app, and turn off VoiceOver. In IOS 14, you can customize the controls in Magnifier and hide ones you don't need. So I set my one row of Magnifier controls to be the color filters and camera flash. I can just pinch to zoom if VoiceOver is off, thus me wanting to quickly create a shortcut that would both turn Magnifier on and VoiceOver off. The cool part was, I then used the new back tap feature to call this shortcut, so I'd have instant Magnifier.

Creating the shortcut and even assigning the back tap gesture to Double Tap worked great. But of course there was a problem.

No matter if I ran the shortcut via the Shortcuts app, or via the back tap feature, not only did it turn Magnifier on and VoiceOver off, but it also keeps wanting to add Magnifier to the Triple Click Home/Side button menu.

I don't want Magnifier to be checked in the Accessibility Shortcut Menu under Accessibility settings, but every time I run the bloody shortcut, it adds it back. I just want my side button to be VoiceOver. But each time it adds Magnifier, then that Ask menu comes up asking if you want to toggle Magnifier or VoiceOver.

So I created a separate shortcut that just toggled VoiceOver on and off. This worked fine, and didn't add VoiceOver to the Accessibility shortcut menu in settings if I had everything unchecked before running the VO shortcut.

When I run Magnifier from the Control Center, it just runs Magnifier. It doesn't check the Magnifier option in the Accessibility shortcut menu every time Magnifier runs. As it shouldn't. So why would running this function from the Shortcuts app always run Magnifier, but also insist on checking that Magnifier item in the Accessibility menu?

I tried this with an iPhone Xs Max, and had a friend try it on his iPhone SE 2020. We both got all the same results. Any ideas on how to make this shortcut work to just turn Magnifier on and VO off, without checking the Accessibility menu every time it's run? We're stumped. Thanks.