Map Quest for Europe

iOS and iPadOS
Dear All, As I have suggested before on this forum, the choice of voice-over accessible turn-by-turn GPS navigation tools for those of us that live in the UK is totally inadequate with the Navigon British Isles being the only real contender. However, I am very reluctant to buy this app because at £60, I would rather use my own knowledge and long cane, especially as the interface is somewhat difficult to use! This is why, when I saw the Map Quest App listed on this site in February and it was accessible, I was very excited, only to find that the App was only available for the USA and Canada. Subsequently, I contacted Map Quest about the possibility of a UK version of the Map Quest App being produced. I heard from Map Quest customer services this morning and I am told that there will be a Europe version of the App coming soon. This is very good news for us in the UK and for those in the rest of Europe. However, can those of you in the USA and Canada that have used this App let me know if my excitement is unfounded or is this app as good as the user in February suggests in terms of accessability and turn-by-turn instructions? Many thanks, Steve.