Message that says this password has appeared in a data leak

iOS and iPadOS

Hey guys. I keep getting a message when I log into apps that says this password has appeared in a data leak. Is this someone trying to get into my phone or something, or is it a legitimate message? Should I listen to my phone and get it to change the passwords?



Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Saturday, November 13, 2021

I've been presented with this message a couple of times, and while I suspect that the smart thing to do would be to change the passwords in question, I just haven't done it yet. I know iPhone can create strong passwords, which is awesome, until I need to visit a web site on my Windows computer. Then, I have no clue what the password Apple generated is. So, I prefer to use my own passwords. I have a variety of them which are different strengths, and so far, I haven't had any serious issues. I will be curious to see what other advice you geton this topic.

Submitted by Yvonnezed on Sunday, November 14, 2021

It's a message from Keychain, and it means exactly what it says, a site has been hacked the password data is out in the wild and the password you're using is in it. so, for securitys sake you should change your password on that site. You don't have to tap the button Apple gives you in that dialog if you're worried, just go to the change password link yourself on the site and change it.

Oh, and you don't *have* to except Apples strong password suggestions if you don't want to, although you probably should unless you have some reason not to, like the previous commenter who has to try and type it in by hand, although even in this case you could probably except it, type it in once on Windows and then have the browser you're using there save it.