Microsoft outlook and attachments

iOS and iPadOS

Greetings to everybody! Recently, I started using Microsoft Outlook on my phone, because I got tired of various sync issues with Apple Mail. The app is perfect as far as accessibility goes, but I am having trouble accessing some attachments. SO, lets say I have a 5 message thread with each having one attachment. The outlook has, and VoiceOver sees a button which says "5 attachments, double tap to hide the list of attachments." Perfect. Now, here's where the trouble begins. First, there is no list of attachments to hide at the first place. Second, double tapping, double tapping and holding, double tapping, holding and dragging the button doesn't do anything. It doesn't reveal, or hide anything, nor does it open options to save/open attachments. Does anybody know a workaround for this?

P.S: someone should update the entry for this app, since it now has Apple Watch support and is way more accessible than it used to be.

Huge thanks in advance!