Need Advice for Mirroring an iOS Device to a Windows Computer

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Hello Everyone,

In preparing for an upcoming webinar, I am setting up AirPlay mirroring between one of my iOS devices and a MacBook running Windows 10 in a virtual machine under VMWare Fusion 8.

I want to mirror everything that's happening on the iOS device, including VoiceOver audio, to my Windows computer, so that all the audio can be heard on the computer. In addition, I would like to record the presentation. As a bonus, I would like audio from the microphone to become part of the presentation, so I may narrate recordings.

The issues I am experiencing are:
1. Windows applications like AirServer, Reflector 2 and X-Mirage do not seem to be fully accessible after installation.
2. Once AirPlay mirror is running between the iOS device and Windows, VoiceOver audio cannot be heard.

I thank anyone in advance for any ideas you all may have for solving these two critical issues.




Submitted by Kyle on Monday, July 11, 2016

shairport is another program on windows you can use to airplay to, but unfortunately, airplay is going to be slow and laggy. i wouldn't recommend to do it that way, i would recommend either hooking it up threw a mixer or using a bluetooth speaker.

Submitted by Jesse Anderson on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I have been mirroring IOS to Windows 7 and 10 for a couple of years now. I will state up front that I do sometimes cheat, as I am a low vision user. I do try to use speech when possible however.

For mirroring to Windows, I like the Reflector 2 app. This mirrors video and audio to the screen. When an IOS device is mirrored and VoiceOver is running, use your rotor, and one of the options should be audio destination. You can then choose whether VO is on your phone or through your computer. This helps a lot, and I use it fairly often. I think it was introduced in IOS 8 or 9. I noticed after 9 came out.

As for recording, I'm not sure what to recommend there. Camtasia is a widely recognized program that I've tried in the past, but it's expensive, like $300 for a normal user, and $99 for a student.

I've used FRAPS in Windows 7, but have had to switch to BandiCam in Windows 10. I'm not sure how accessible these are to speech though, as they're geared toward gamers. I do some Youtube stuff with gaming, assistive technology, and accessibility, so tend to record a variety of things. I do use this combination of BandiCam and Reflector 2. It takes a little bit of setup and trial and error, but I have a system down pretty well that usually works.