Possible Voice Dream Reader problem - has anyone experienced similar problems?

iOS and iPadOS
Hi all, I was playing with Voice Dream Reader this morning and think I have a small problem? I generally use Voice Dream as an alternative to ReadToGo and link the two together in order to use the wider voices available on Voice Dream to read the Book Share books I download. This was fine until I just opened it for the first time after buying my new iPhone 5s. Now, I can see the books I purchased through Book Share on Voice Dream but I can't get them to read. The 'welcome' file reads okay but the books don't. Also, I notice that the new IOS voices have been added to Voice Dream but they are not as good as the ones from other suppliers. The other thing is and this is the biggest problem, it looks as though the voices I purchased on my old iPhone 4s and with IOS 6 are now showing that I have not purchased them. I'm not sure about this but on the left of the UK English voice Graham there is a note to purchase for £1.49. However, I did purchase Graham and five others, two other UK English and two US English voices. Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem? Also, Should I contact the developer or delete the app and reinstall? Steve.



Submitted by allseed on Sunday, October 13, 2013

I've found with voice dream reader that you need to assign a voice to the books you want to read. I've not used it with book share nor have I used it as yet with 7 but have had to uninstall and reinstall it a few times