Problem deleting mass emails

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Hi Guys, am I the only one having problems deleting emails from the iPhone Mail app? It worked fine till the last 2 updates were installed.Let's say I have 200 emails and I want to delete them all at once. I used to go into Edit and at the bottom of the screen was the Delete All button, tapping on it deleted all 200 emails instantly. Now however when I go into Edit the Delete and Move buttons are greyed out so I can't delete them anymore. I contacted Apple who said there wasn't a problem, all you do is to go into Edit, select an email, flick up to Delete and tap the screen. do this to remove all emails. As you can see this wasn't the answer I expected to get as there is no way i'm going to delete now over 500 emails 1 at a time. So is there anyone else seeing this bug as I only know of 1 other person who has the same problem. Cheers Scottie.



Hi Betsy, it happens in every folder apart from the Trash one. In Trash, the Delete All button is there and works fine, everywhere else it's greyed out. Scottie.

Submitted by Melissa on Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yes, this is extremely annoying! I have reported this issue a while back. Unfortunately, you have to select one by one.

Submitted by JTran2013 on Saturday, November 12, 2016

I noticed that the junk folder has the edit button and then I can tap on the delete all button without selecting a message.

I like having a separate folder for only unread messages and I always have the unread folder to open when I open the mail app. I delete messages as I go through them.

I agree that selecting each message individually before deleting is tedious and I'll do it when I need to.