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Hi all, I have a question about sharing folders with apps in iTunes for windows, please note I do mean folders not files. sorry for posting this in the ios forum but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate place to place this as it relates to iTunes for windows.
I am on windows, and the issue I have is that I want to transfer entire folders to an app rather than just files, I understand that this is now possible with the latest iTunes 12, however, when I can eventually find the file sharing apps on my iPhone which really isn't easy and usually takes me about 20 minutes, I find a button that allows me to brows for files I want to transfer to an app, but I can't access the button to transfer folders, when I tab on to the button for files it mentions both files and folders, and seems to indicate that there should be a separate button for folders but I can only see the one, and of course selecting a folder when I press this button doesn't seem to do anything apart from opening it.
I have tried with the jaws cursor, but iTunes appears to be totally jaws cursor inaccessible, and this is on a freshly installed windows pc.
I also tried with nvda but again no luk.
I really really hate iTunes for windows from an accessibility and ease of use point of view, I was quite happy using third party utilities to put content in apps and having as little to do with iTunes as possible but apple appears to have changed things so that life is much tougher for these third party transfer utilities. this is something we should be lobbying apple for is an improvement to windows iTunes accessibility as its far from straight forward or easy, I mean it shouldn't take me say 15 minutes just to try to access the actual list of apps installed on my iPhone not the list of apps I have in my library as a hole, and even once I find the apps on my iPhone locating the file sharing apps in particular is difficult to say the least.
Yes I know blind tunes is a script option for jaws, but to be frank I have found recent versions of the scripts less than helpful of late.
any help would be appreciated if there is some keyboard shortcut I can use or something.


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Submitted by Herbie Allen on Monday, June 22, 2015

Well, I came on here looking for an answer to this very question so if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it. Thanks.