Seeking tips on deleting specific words or lines from dictated text

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Help! Can anyone give me a dummy step by guide as to how to delete selected words or lines from text I have dictated?
If you take an example of a sentence i.e. The weather has been very hot today. and then assume I wanted to delete the words very hot, how would I do it? I've worked out a way of deleting a single word, but wondered if there's a way of highlighting more than one word at a time and deleting them? My method so far has been to flick down on the selected word, rotate to edit, flic to select, double tap and then press the delete key on the keyboard. I'm sure there's a more efficient way - even for one word editing! but that's the extent of my knowledge so far. So, as you can imagine, editing more than one word at a time takes me ages!!

All help gratefully received! thanks. Debbie



Submitted by OldBear on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If there isn't a text selection option on your rotor, you'll need to add it in settings.
Flick to the words you want to select, rotor to text selection, flick up or down until you find words, there's also character page line and so on, then flick right to select the words you want. You can use the delete button after that.
* You can also rotor to the edit option after you select text and flick up or down to the delete option instead of using the delete key.