the sleep cycle app - the inteligent sleep analysis

iOS & iPadOS
Hello have anyone here used the Sleep cycle alarm clock app? if yes, how is it effecting your wake up phase. do you notice any diffrence? for me, I have noticed a big diffrence, i've been using it all along this week and it always wakes me up whenever i feel like to. it shows that it is very intelligent! also do you have any recommendation about placing your iPhone, let us know! I've also contacted the developpers and gave them a suggestion to implement written sleep logs too, so we could use the graph as well. for those who haven't tried it, check it out! do not mis this great app! cheers, hadi



Submitted by Jen on Saturday, September 21, 2013

I've used this one for about ten weeks now. I've had severe sleep issues for over fifteen years, so initially, I wanted to use it to just document the patterns of sleep that I have, or lack thereof. But it really does seem to be helping with wake-up times as well. I feel like I'm getting better sleep, more sleep, and waking up more easily. I place my phone on a pillow, and that seems to work very well. It's not covered by blankets, it doesn't get pushed off the bed while I'm sleeping, and it picks up all of my movements just fine.

Submitted by Dylan3 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Can't find a description of the recommended positions for use with the microphone or accelerometer.
Could someone please describe these so I can better use the app?
Also, does anyone know which is the better mode, microphone or accelerometer?


Submitted by Dave82 on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I wish it had an Apple Watch app, would be better than having to place your phone on the bed/pillow. Good app though