Sleep Cycle is no longer accessible - are there any alternatives?

iOS & iPadOS

Hi everyone,
Does anybody know of an accessible app for analysing sleep patterns that also preferably features a smart alarm clock that works by waking you when you are in the lightest sleep phase? I have been using Sleep Cycle since 2015 and it was fantastic up until today when the developers decided to do a major update involving a complete redesign of the user interface which is very confusing and not very accessible to VoiceOver users. I am going to contact Sleep Cycle to report these accessibility issues as it is disappointing that the app can go from something that is fully accessible to something that is barely usable but for now, if anybody could suggest alternative apps that have the same or similar functionality as Sleep Cycle that would be much appreciated. I have an iPhone 8 running the latest version of iOS.
Look fforward to your suggestions,



Submitted by Moopie Curran on Saturday, June 29, 2019

Hi, I have the latest version of sleep cycle on an iphone 8 with the public beta of ios 13, however I don't think the ios 13 beta is making it accessible, because I also have it on an iphone 6 with the latest version of ios. I can still have it wake me up in a 30 minute window and it works.

Thank you for this comment!
I have just had another go with Sleep Cycle and it seems to be working fine now! For some reason when I first launched the new interface VoiceOver wasn’t reading certain things but now it is! I mean it could be made easier to navigate i.e. you have to memorise things to know what each ‘start’ button corresponds to but once you get your head around it is useable! So thank you for your reassurance because I am now going to continue to use he app :)