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I don't know if I am the only one facing these challenges with their iPhone with VoiceOver or it's just me. I upgraded to an iPhone SE 2020 from my SE 2016 also know as the first edition SE.

IOS 14.6 I love the features of being able to remove the apps. from the home screen and add them to the library. When using the app. library by swiping left with 3 fingers and getting the search screen I am able to search for the app. and launch it. Once I am done with using the app. I press the home button expecting myself to land on the home screen, this does not happen instead I am presented the app. library screen. Considering that this is to be the natural I press the home button again but I am still on the app. library screen and have to press the home button again to get to the home screen. In conclusion; I have to press the home button 3 times to be able to get back to the home screen which feels really counter productive and annoying to do.

What I expect to be the normal is that pressing the home button once after using the app. should take me back to the home screen and not the app. library. Does anyone else have the same experience or am I the gifted one with this annoyance?

The audio ducking feature is just not good enough for calls anymore. These days in India when calling anyone we the caller get to hear a repeated announcement on the speaker which is loud and this does not allow you to hear other controls on your screen. I know that this announcement can be skipped by going to the keypad and pressing any key. But since the audio ducking fails I can't get to the controls on the screen.

What is this dismiss context menu to get back to the phone controls? I understand it might be really visually appealing to have more of your screen shown and not hogged up by the call controls but for someone trying to work with a non-functional audio ducking feature; this is really an annoyance. I am undicided on what to expect post this observation/ comment but it is on my annoyance list.

Did you know that you cannot delete/ remove any app. from the app. library after you have it in the results? You have to first drag it to the homescreen and then delete it. Is that brilliant or what?

When typing i.e. standard touch typing; the keyboard sometimes stops responding and you don't hear the letters speak out. Say I have my finger focused on the letter X and I want to navigate to Y so I drag my finger to where I think that letter is; the keyboard/ VoiceOver becomes unresponsive and instead inserts the long press values of the letter. Best example when you have your finger on letter B and this happens; the word Be is inserted. I tried clearing cache; restarting the phone etc. expecting this challenge to go away but it will surprise me now and then.

The mail app. is really impressive but if you discard a mail item it automatically saves it into draft. I know there was a solution offered on this challenge and I have made the setting under the mail app. to trash drafts. But here you have it...

I know this post is too much to take at once; and I am sure I have missed out on many other annoyances from my experience. These were on top of my head; if you have more to add OR help with trouble shooting please feel free to comment. Have a good one!



Submitted by Jo Billard on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

If you're in the app library,, the way to go back to the home screen is to do a three-finger swipe right. It makes total sense, because you have to do a three-finger swipe left to get to the app library. As for the audio ducking and phone, I just had the opportunity to notice that this morning. Mostly I use headphones anytime I use the phone app because you don't have that problem, among others.

Submitted by Jo Billard on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Oh, and the dismiss context menu, it just closes the menu you're in and takes you back to where you were. I haven't seen that in the phone app, yet, but that's how it works anywhere else I've been.

Thank you for your reply; your suggestion works well but still isn't it obvious that when you press the home button on the phone you should be on the homescreen no matter where you are on the phone? I found a quicker solution; instead of using the app. library to launch hidden apps. I am using Siri Search; not Hey Siri; Swipe down with 3 fingers to get the search box and type the few letters of the app. should be the first app. in the list. Also if you press the home button you are taken back to the home screen unlike the experience with app. library

The objective was to reach the keypad quickly; this morning when I was calling a friend; the annoying announcement was heard again and to my surprise I did not have to dismiss the context menu to get to the keypad option it was already there on the screen amongst a few others I think speaker and audio route etc. Is it learning from my habbits? I don't know but good to be able to do that.

Submitted by tripolice on Friday, June 18, 2021

It sounds that Slide to Type keyboard feature is at work. If that be case, either turn it off from Keyboard settings under General, or try increasing the typing interaction time in Typing settings under Voiceover Settings in Accessibility. Hth.

Submitted by Mister Kayne on Friday, June 18, 2021

Slide to Type keyboard feature was on I turned it off; I think that should fix the annoyance. Will check later today. Thank you for that suggestion and your comment

Thank you for the comment; yes now figuring out a new way around Dismiss Context Menu; the frustration is dying out and learning to appreciate the feature. Thank you once again

Submitted by DPinWI on Friday, June 18, 2021

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Using the Spotlight search to find apps hidden in the library is one way. Here's another.

From the Home screen, I use the rotor to change to handwriting, and start scribbling the first few letters of the app name. I'm not suggesting this to be a better solution, just another one.

Submitted by peter on Sunday, June 20, 2021

I set a "back tap" action to go back to the home screen. don't know if the older phones support that though, but it is worth a try.

This is the function that allows you to trigger customized actions by tapping on the back of the phone.


Submitted by Mister Kayne on Monday, June 21, 2021

Thank you peter for your comment. I have already assigned the back tap gestures for toggling WiFi and BlueTooth to Off. However, to overcome the challenge I had with going back to the home screen from app. library, I stopped using the gesture for it and instead do a 3 finger swipe down to bring up Siri search and that helped save me time in finding the app. launching it and post using it going back to the home screen