Something Strange About Apple Music

iOS and iPadOS

I've noticed something curious when comparing Apple Music on my iPhone and iPad. I've only noticed it thus far with one album, but I would be interested to know if (A) anyone else has noticed this and (B) what, if anything, might be done about it.
As I said, I've noticed it with one album I have listened to, namely Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon. For anyone familiar with the album, the A and B-sides of the original LP each consist of five tracks which form essentially continuous pieces of music. But there is a notable discrepancy on iPad between Track 7 (Us and Them) and Track 8 (Any Color You Like). Rather than the seamless transition that is supposed to exist, the two pieces are oddly choppy and there is a jarring break in the music. Compare this with the album when heard on my iPhone, however, and the two fit together correctly. I am unaware of any other album that seems to have different versions of the same song or which plays differently on different devices. But if anyone else could shed some light on this issue, I'd appreciate it.



Submitted by Josh C. on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

are you streaming the album on both devices, or have you downloaded the album? The discrepancy could Happen if you are streaming on one device but you have downloaded the album on the other device. If your iPad is older than your iPhone that should also be taken into account. sometimes streaming an album rather than playing it after it is downloaded can cause breaks in the music.