Strange Microsoft Outlook issue

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all, I've recently started experiencing a very strange Outlook issue on my SE2020 running the latest Outlook and also IOS14.8. In a nutshell, my email notifications disappeared! I got notifications of calendar events when they were about to start but no notifications for new emails. There was nothing wrong with my work's exchange server because new emails still came through on my laptop, but Outlook only updated when I opened the app and was focused on it. I uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook and all worked fine until I had to restart my phone and then we were back to no email notifications. I've fixed it again by uninstalling and reinstalling but I don't want to have to do that every time I turn off my phone. Anyone any idea what's going on here? I haven't changed any settings and there's clearly nothing wrong with the server as the whole things works again immediatley after a clean reinstall of the app. I'd really like to get it fixed as Outlook is the only email client I am allowed to use with work emails.