Syncing iPhone with Outlook

iOS and iPadOS


Before the latest release of iOS, I was able to sync my contacts with my local addrress book stored iOutlook 2013. I weq into iTunes and chose "sync contacts with Outlook" and everything worked very well. When I tried to sync using the latest version of iOS, I got an error message saying that iTunes could not sync with the Outlook server. I then opened an iCloud account, installed the iCloud for Windows control panel as well as the iCloud for Outlook add-in, and synced my contacts through iCloud. I find it very frustrating, because some contacts are not the same as the ones in my local address book (wrong phone numbers or email addresses). Now, when I open Outlook, I get this reminder window which I cannot delete. I also have old appointments in Outlook which I can't delete. Is there a way to sync with local Outlook contacts as before?