Syncing podcasts useing downcasts to all your devices

iOS & iPadOS
Hey everyone, This is my first form posting here. My question is, useing downcast, is there a way to backup the podcasts between your devices? I will be getting an IPhone next week and don't want to have to manually add everything. i'd like to subscribe to the same podcasts that i currently have on my iPad now. Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Daniel on Thursday, November 22, 2012

Downcast uses iCloud to sync subscriptions, episodes, and settings between devices. You can turn it on in downcasts settings.

Submitted by Liam on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hi there
have used Downcast for a long time on the iPHone but only recently bought it on the Mac.
having trouble getting either the iPhone or Mac to recognise when i've subscribed to a new podcast on either.
I make sure low power mode is turned off, that I have all the settings turned on for iCloud in both Mac and the iPhone. yet it still doesn't want to refresh my podcast feeds.
any help or suggestions?
the only thing it does refresh when I hit refresh podcasts, are the podcasts i've already subscribed too.