Trouble with tables in microsoft word

Hello all.

I’ve been having some trouble using tables in microsoft word and Pages for ios. When my table goes on to a different page, it keep jumping to the title of the document every time i try to find the row i need. Is there any solution to this? Also in Pages, the “rows” option is in the rota but not in word meaning i have to navigate through all the rows whilst it’s jumping to the document title.

Many thanks for any help.


iOS and MS Word

I have not tried using tables with MS Word in iOS, but if you are using Word with iOS I have a question.

Although Word seems to be mostly workable in iOS for me, I do have one problem. When I try to select or highlight words using Shift+Options+Lef/RightArrow, the words are properly highlighted but they are not spoken by VoiceOver. Thus there is no way I can tell what words have been highlighted.
This makes editing very unreliable. I am using a Logitech bluetooth keyboard. VoiceOver does properly speak selected/highlighted text in all other edit fields in all other apps. This just seems to be a problem in the MS Word app. I'm wondering if you have experienced the same problem and, if so, if you found a workaround.