Turnning off I message for a single user

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Hi everyone, So I have been trying to sort out an extreamly annoying situation with I message.

So basically I am trying to make it where the text messages that I sent to one user are normla texts, and the rest of my messages to other users are i messages. I'll explain why I'm trying to do this.

So I want to be able to text my wife using the verizon wbsite on my windows computer. I can't do this if I message is working because I message will bipass the verizon tex network.

One simple solution to this would be to just turn off I message; I would be more then happy to do this, I don't like I message and it has little benifit for me. However, when I turn off I message some of my other contacts that have iphones do not receive my text messages for some reason. So all I want is to be able to use my iphone like a normal phone, sending normal text messages to contacts.

I believe there is supposed to be a way to turn off I message just with specific users. My sighted sister was able to do something along the lines of holding down the send button in a message conversation which gave her an option to send normal text messages for that conversation. When I do google searches about this issue I find other people talking about similar sounding methods for doing this. However, I have not been able to figure out any method for doing this with voice over; I'm not sure if this is an accessiblity issue or what.

If someone has any suggestions for my situation I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts. If you know how I can get my non I message text messages to work properly and be received by my contacts that use iphones that would be great too. I'm sorry that I have taken so long to explain this issue, all I want is for my text messages to behave like text messages.



Submitted by Dawn on Friday, July 14, 2017


I have a idea on how you can get your contacts to get messages. I don't use iMessages, I use Messenger. If you haven't downloaded it, I suggest you do. You can either use a Facebook account if you want to or if you've got one, or you can use your phone number. My Dad uses ios., and we just communicate via Messenger because we both have the app. I've got friends who have ios. and Android phones, and that's how we communicate. Hope this helps!