TV Planner remote plus??!!

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Hi Folks

this is my first time doing this so hopefully I don't step on anyones toes or upset anyone!!

I have, much like others on here downloaded, payed for and used both incarnations of the TV planner remote. for some reason, each time I open it now, I get the message that it can't connect to my sky box, rendering the app useless. well, it does tell me what is on and what is coming later but all other functionality has gone.

has anyone any advice on how I can get it to connect to my box? is anyone else having the same issue? are we waiting for another updated app which will require us to part with more cash for something that will work for a couple of iOS updates?

I can't find the app entry on this site for some reason and when I try to find it in the app store, it tells me it is not available.

apologies and hope someone can help.




Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, October 15, 2017

I haven't found issues with tv planner remote connecting to my box. though actually sky have recently fixed the planner on sky plus so that it is fully accessible, I only keep tv planner remote around because sometimes its easier to navigate the tv guide, and once in a while sky has an annoying habbit of not showing me all the recordings I have on my box. tv planner remote is on this site because there are a hole load of comments on it. I think the developer abandoned tv planner remote ages ago given that no updates since this last version was released a few years ago even to fix some accessibility issues it has.