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Hello guys. I just migrated to iPhone SE. Very speedy, but I have some problems.
The most annoying is that now voice over says some times while swiping unpronounceable. Do you know how this occurred? it did not happen on my earlier iPhone 8 phone. Even though I have installed on both iPhone ios 13.5 beta 2. Any suggestions?
I searched the forum and found nada. Thanks a lot and have a great day.


Nothing to do with your phone

I found this happens when usually there's an advertisement. If you just touch another part of the screen, you should be ok. It doesn't matter if you are running a beta, this happens on the released versions as well.


Trust me, if I could, there would be so much more of Voice Over I'd disable. I'd also personally get rid of the vibration motor and do more work with the haptic engine but that's me. I just swear and keep going.