Using the camera app in iOS 11

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Hi everyone. Has anyone tried to take photos with the new Accessible camera in iOS 11? I’ve been hearing things about having guided access for Voiceover in the camera app. How does that work?



Submitted by LaBoheme on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

not sure what you mean by "guided access" when it comes to taking photos. the phone can't read your mind, so it can't tell you if everything looks good, or even know what you are trying to snap. it does tell you about faces, so if including people in your pictures is what you care about, this might help, but it still doesn't tell you the scene and background, and it can't tell you where the picture looks good.

ios 11 does have so very neat features that can be very helpful:

however i am very disappointed about one aspect of the camera app. apple for some intractable reason refuse to enable AE and AF lock for vo users. they knew and acknowledged the issue, all they need to do is add a roter to the camera app, but they just won't do it. sadly, i seem to be the only one who care and talked to them about this, but isn't apple all about perfection? what's why they painted the inside of their computers where nobody got to see, i guess things changed.

and it gets worse in ios 11. before, one can still turn off vo, enable ae and af lock, turn on vo again, tedious yes, but at least there was a way. the work around won't work any more.

if you are serious about remembering all the beautiful moments in life, try to learn as much basics as possible and practice relentlessly, that's probably the best way. and when you are ready, call apple and tell them to add that damn ae/af lock roter.