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Hi All,

Just a quick update to say that Weather Gods 1.6 has been released.

This has been a big update for us in terms of the internals of the app and the user interface. A lot has changed. We have also added Norwegian and I would like to say a massive thank you to Cliff Isaksen who carried out the translation and ensured that all the voiceover translations were spot on.

The changes are:

- Norwegian localisation
- User interface is a lot cleaner and crisper and we use the built in system font to improve legibility
- The widget now supports dynamic type i.e. system font size that can be adjusted through the device settings
- We have switched to using the Apple GPS location database. This means that your current location should now match that which is reported in other apps e.g. Apple Maps. However, this does not detract from accuracy, as we still use the reported GPS coordinates for the weather forecast.
- Frost calculation has been refined within the app and now appears in the timeline, weather wheel, widget and Apple Watch
- The precipitation text summaries now take into account extended information that is returned from our weather data source. For example, where we might have said 'light rain' before, we may now say 'drizzle', 'few showers', 'light rain' etc.
- Thunderstorm text summary has also been updated to indicate if the thunderstorm is more widespread or isolated
- Startup of the app should be faster
- Weather Gods will now run on the iPad Pro 10.9"
- We squashed a lot of bugs with the iPhone X
- The voiceover widget bugs should now be fixed
- Voiceover text summaries on the Apple Watch complication now include a last updated date
- High and low temperatures throughout the app are now 'Day' and 'Night'. This fixes some rare cases where the temperature for night was warmer than the day e.g. where the weather is changing from cold to mild.
- We no longer report the day temperature as we approach the evening. Instead you will hear 'no data'. This is because that data value is no longer available to us. Before we would take the current value and this wasn't entirely accurate. Especially as you got nearer the night value
- A pressure reading that isn't changing will now be read as 'holding steady'
- We have tweaked the energy usage of the app so hopefully less impact on your battery

Coming up:

Internally I have been working on follow me notifications and hope to release our first beta this weekend. If all goes well, then this should be in the next release, which should be sooner than the last :)

A big thank you to everybody on AppleVis who has reported bugs, helped with localisation, suggested improvements and ideas for new features - your support has been invaluable!

Finally, if you are enjoying the app and haven't left a review then could I please ask that you leave a review. Reviews help us get noticed by Apple and also improve our search rankings, leading to more sales. It's through the sales of the app that we can continue developing new features and delivering the weather data. Thank you.

Hope everybody has a good weekend and the weather is kind.



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Well done. Perfect, Now Chicago shows in my app instead of Evanstone Il. After all Chicago is the best city in the many universes.

Submitted by Weather Gods (Scott) on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Thanks Holger, I knew you would like this update :)

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