What are people’s experiences regarding the accessibility of banking apps?

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Hello all my first time posting nice to meet you all and please forgive any newbeeness!
I am interested to hear about people's experiences with what they feel is the most accessible banking App. This can be based on your experience in using different apps or just based on what you like or don't like with your current banking app.

I am with Halifax which works ok for most features but recently I was having a problem with the keyboard when entering information on setting up a new recipient for making a payment.
What I like about Halifax is their new finger print feature which lets me skip over the security number question when I open the app.

Looking forward to hearing from you




Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Monday, January 16, 2017

I use Chase as my bank and the app works great! I do mostly all my banking through the app these days and rarely, if ever, log into the website. I can check balances, pay bills and credit cards, send or receive money through Chase's quick pay feature, etc. At one time, the calendar to schedule future payments was not accessible, but that has sense been fixed and works great with VoiceOver. I honestly cannot think of something that I've tried to do through the Chase app that hasn't been accessible lately. The one and only thing is that I prefer to use sighted assistance if I decide to use the app to deposit a check. One must take a picture of the check and I just feel better having sighted assistance to make sure things are lined up correctly. However, this isn't something I need to do very often and I have no problem visiting a local Chase branch to make a deposit. Anyway, I really like Chase and the Chase app.

Submitted by tate on Monday, January 16, 2017

The BOA app works great. I can pay bills, transfer money and do anything I can do online. I prefer to use the app just like Carlos.

Submitted by JLove on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I also use the Bank of America BofA app, and I have no problem. I almost never use the website unless there is something specific I need from my account, like an account number.
I also love the Touch ID to sign in!

Submitted by Kimbowen on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

this app is completely accessible and if there is a voiceover issue and you let your local banking branch know they'll fix it as soon as possible! For example, when I was signing up with Bank Of America, there was a password key which was a picture of a phone. Of course, I couldn't see the image, so I let the person helping me sign up no and buy that night I got an update that fixed the voiceover issue. That's what I call excellent service

Submitted by Adi Latif on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

hey guys thank you for your comments.
Carlos thanks for getting the ball rolling! good to hear about your experience with Chase...I wonder if there is an alternative way of entering cheques over taking a picture.

Tate, JLove and Kimbowen thanks for sharing your experiences with Bank of America in general its clear it seems to do everything you like and also as Kimbowen you mentioned that sounds like great service fixing the app over night!

Wonder if the bank of America app lets you enter cheques and if so does anyone know how you do that if you still have to take a picture?

Anyone had any experience with HSBC bank? Or any Banks in the UK?

Any feature you feel would be great to have which isn't present in your current app?



Submitted by Mike Fulton on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I just tried to download the Chase app, and I cannot type in the user ID text box. I double tap on it and the keyboard does not show up.

Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hi. I too enjoy using Bank of america. You do need to take a picture of the check, because it needs to have the check number among other things visible to deposit it. I haven't deposited a check, but seems straight forward enough. Bank of america has some great credit card, one I have is the travel rewards card. you get points for buying things, then you can redeemt hem for things like cash,g ift card, also a travel credit on any portion of a vacation. This means hotel, flight etc. The points don't expire, and you can even book through their center, earn more points, they have a helpful number to call if you need help with anything. That to is accessible, though not all of this through the app. The one thing i'd like to see if a rewards tab, to maybe redeem some points for cash or gift card with your finger. Sorry none of us use anything over across the pond, there you have it though. Actually, for the person who said they got an update that same night, i have to question if the app wasn't already updated and either you hadn't checked, or Apple approved it fast. Anyway it's usually apple who take years to get things done. Good luck.

Submitted by Pyro2790 on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I use both Capital One and PNC's banking apps.

The Capital One app works extremely well. I only remember one minor issue when I first signed up with Capital One, but have not had any accessibility issues since. All features of the app seem to work with voice over. They also have touch ID for security purposes which is a great feature.

PNC's app is mildly accessible at best. The only features I can use are seeing my account balance and transaction history. There are a bunch of buttons and tabs along the bottom of the app that are completely inaccessible with Voice Over. Double tapping on these elements does nothing. If anyone has suggestions on how to get in touch with a bank app developer please post them below.

Submitted by StevenM on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I use Barclays in the UK and love the app. Its fully accessible (to me anyway) with Voiceover and lets me do everything I want it to. the touch ID feature really helps as well.

Submitted by Brian on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Avoid Santander! I am with both Santander and Lloyds, and the Lloyds app works great, with finger-print security recognition but even if you don't have that, the 3 random character selections from your password worked intuitively and accessibly.
On the other hand, Santander demands the same 3 chars from a 5 char security number to be entered, but you have to navigate around to work out which of the 5 chars it is prompting you for each time.
Furthermore, on the Santander app, the list of transactions from your stqatement are not listed in a layout that makes Voiceover navigation very easy. It includes lots of links and cell entries you have to skip over multiple times to simply get to the next transaction.
Furthermore, even the desktop browser interface doesn't allow you to download statements in to MS Excel or any more user friendly accessible format.

Lloyds allows you to download things in to a .csv format, Excel and other formats, and the transaction browsing within the app is fine.
What I also find useful with Lloyds is the way you can amend and update the reference for any fund transfer every time.
With Santander, if you want to change the reference provided with a transfer to an existing recipient, you literally have to delete the whole entry and re-set up the recipient with the new reference.

Plus, it took me 50 minutes last weekend on a phone call to Santander to request a replacement bank card and a new cheque book.
Their systems don't work since the cheque book should have automatically been sent nearing the end, but it just never arrived.

So, interested in this article as I'm considering who to move my Santander account to next. Possibly the Halifax. Keeping my business account with Lloyds and wanting to keep biz and personal banks separate.

Many thanks,