What in the world is up with Siri voices? This is becoming annoying real fast!

iOS & iPadOS

First off, two things:

1. Please do not hijack this post saying you have a similar issue, only with your watch.

2. Note that my following comments are based on iOS, *not!* with the issue a lot have experienced on WatchOS. This is on an iPhone, not a watch.

The above 2 things said, this is driving me insane! I'm not one normally for bad-mouthing Apple, but this is flat out becoming adimantly rediculous!

I have an iPhone 10S, (or as some call it, XS; - same thing.)

I normally use the Siri Male American English voice both for Siri, and also as my actual Voiceover voice of choice.

Lately, it seems like inconsistently, totally at random, although it seems to happen more when I either have to restart Voiceover for some stupid reason or another, or if I have to totally reboot my phone, again, for some stupid reason or another, my Siri voice goes ape crap on me and ceases to work. Usually when this happens, I get reverted back to the compact Samantha voice, not even the high quality premium version of Samantha. Trust me, it sounds God aweful in my opinion! OK, it's not Fred by any means, but... LOL!

Usually, at this point when this happens, I go into Voiceover settings, Speech, and under voice, I make sure the Siri male is selected.

Usually it is, even though, when I double tap on it, nothing happens. Usually, for something like this, it's because the voice somehow isn't downloaded. I used my actions rotor but have no choice like, "Download" aside from, "Activate". Obviously though, if I double tap when set to activate, nothing at all happens.

If I flick right one time past the voice name, in this case again, Siri Male, there's absolutely no download button like there would be normally, if the voice for some reason wasn't downloaded.

Sometimes, though rarely, I can reboot the phone by holding the side button, and volume up, then double tapping on slide to power off, waiting a few seconds, then re-powering on the phone, and this will cause the download button beside the voice name to appear. Usually when this happens, I can double tap, redownload the voice, then get it switched until it fiddlefudges again. In fact, just as I was typing this, the download button wasn't there, and now all of a sudden, it just finally after God knows how long of the phone being booted reappeared, and now is redownloading as I type. This is absolutely crazy! I dono what on God's green earth this thing thinks it's doing.

Also, I noticed this happens almost 100 percent of the time when doing an iOS update. For example, when I went from iOS 13.1 to 13.2, it did it, and then just today, when the 13.2.2 update came out, it did it again.

This definitely didn't used to happen before 13.1. Even in just plain 13.0, this didn't happen.

Between that, and the watch having issues, I won't much go there as stated before, but we'll just leave it to say, with this happening on the watch as well in the past, things just seem to be regressing more than getting fixed.

I'm not one to normally complain, but come on Apple! Really? Seriously speaking? This is becoming flat out annoying! Unfortunately, there really isn't much a nicer way I can say it; I wish that there were so, but there isn't.

I just wonder if anyone else on iOS, again, not on Watch OS. That's for another post, please don't hijack this one... but on iOS specifically, has anyone in the last 2 or so updates seen this when trying to use the siri voices either male or female US American English as your Voiceover voice? If so, what did you wind up doing to fix it, if anything?

The odd thing is, I have other voices like Alex, Tom, Ava, Victoria, etc downloaded, and they're not breaking. It's only those 2 Siri voices. I mean, OK, come on here! What gives! I could see it, if this were still in beta cycle, but it's not. I don't wanna switch to Android, but I will if things keep going down hill like this.



Submitted by Mark P on Friday, November 8, 2019

Hi, you are not alone. I've had the same problem since IOS13. The only difference is I use the UK Siri female voice. I can't add any ideas for a work around other than what you have posted. The latest 13.2.2. update has not fixed it either.

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Friday, November 8, 2019

I think this is affecting a lot of people from other posts that I have read on this website. Very annoying. I assume that you have contacted Apple Accessibility about this issue?

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, November 8, 2019

Of course I have! Billions of times. About this issue, as well as other things I've found buggy in iOS 13; don't even get me started. I'm not here again to bad-mouth or complain/give Apple a bad reputation. Honestly, they're giving themselves a bad rep... I'm only reporting what evidently others also have reported on this forum, as well as by calling them directly. And just to confirm, yes, I was talking to the accessibility line. All they tell me is, they've never seen this issue, they've never heard of anyone calling in with the issue, and they can put in an F Y I for engineers. Usually, within a few days, they call me back, and tell me to factory reset my phone, as that is what the engineers are instructing them to tell me to do, as my device shouldn't be doing this, and it's not a known issue to them. I told them last time quite bluntly speaking, then, damn it, Make it a known issue, for God's sake! I mean, really, this isn't rocket science. I'm sorry to be so rude, but come on! I'm an A.T instructor. I've been trained to know bugs when I see 'em. This definitely is one. By Apple telling me, this isn't an issue, it's your device, I'm sorry, but that's an insult both to my job, and to my intelligence, quite frankly.

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Friday, November 8, 2019

Just wanted to verify. I certainly agree with you that the number of bugs is getting out of hand.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, November 8, 2019

Same problem. I have iPhone XS and I also use as default Siri male. The problem is that is not consistent and I am going to star to drink. Today this morning, when I turn on my iPhone I cross my finger he work OK.
PS Apple Insider again talk about our issues with bugs and VO and Braille. Nice job. Thanks to Victor.

Submitted by J.P. on Friday, November 8, 2019

This is one that aggravates to no end. Random voice change. While trying to fix, I now currently have 3 voices without download and no action to download or delete. So not sure how much is actually taking up on space.
I’ve reported this issue multiple times. I honestly feel sometimes they want to get off phone. Inundated with bug reports.

Submitted by Siobhan on Friday, November 8, 2019

I'll respectfully ask if others have taken another step. You can report the issue so many times you are blue in the face. However, has anyone visually shown an Apple tech person your predicament? Before i get a ton of dislike responses let me be crystal clear. I realize first of all, you can not go running to Apple with your issue every time it happens because logically it might be in the middle of the night or after store closing hours. second, I realize that your issue could resolve itself before you have a chance to show someone. having said the above details, have you done this? Because in my experience and i'm sure a lot of others may agree, you can call a billion times, and you might always get the response of we haven't seen this before. However if you can directly show an Apple company personnel your problem, and they can agree, wow this isn't supposed to be doing this then and only then do you have a path toward at least acknowledgement if not resolution. You can be frustrated as all get out on this and other forums, and write to Apple insider, but again if someone does not understand your issues first hand, how are they to go up the chain as it were to investigate those claims? I'm not at all saying anyone isn't telling the truth. I just feel like that should be knowing about these bugs firsthand. By the way, yes someone can visually see what's wrong and nothing may be done about it. I just want others to realize that sitting behind a keyboard or on a phone only is one step.

The bug is not consistent and does not happen all of the time. That is not the point my dear. We purchase the iPhone and we paid $1000 for the iPhone and Series. Apple is responsible for their products. By us reporting the bugs that should be it and Apple need to fix. That apple can does not know this bug I have a bridge in New York, I can let you have for your iPhone. Apple Insider again comment on this today. Also most people are not able to get to an apple store. Long live the Apple

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Friday, November 8, 2019

Wow, that's a great idea! Just one little problem. I've shown them these bugs visually via screenshare, as well as taken a $45.00 one way Uber to the Apple store nearest me all the way across town. I've shown them both ways not once, not twice, not three times, not four, not five, and probably not six. My point is, I've shown them countless times, and each time I do, it's the same thing: "Oh. It's your phone. Reset the thing." Just to prove it's not my phone, I even *did!* reset my phone, and didn't even roll a backup from iCloud. I did it while right there in an Apple store. Guess what. The voice came back properly, and so the store rep said, see? Told ya so. Well, guess what. About 5 minutes later, bam! It reverted right in the middle of me doing things. I went to the front counter and asked to speak to someone regarding my just ended genious appointment. "Well, no, Sir. We can set up another appointment, but we're booked the rest of the day, and since you finalized your last appointment, we have moved on in the queue." So, yeah. Even after showing multiple times, clearly, they still don't seem to be getting it. Enough said. Let me only say one more thing. With all due respect, whether it be Apple or some other company, that's irrellavent, but, I've off and on beta tested, heck, even alpha tested both externally, and internally certain products for at least the last 15 or 16 years. Actually, more like 19 years, as I think I started doing so in 2000. Anyway, my point is, I think by now, however many years later, I know how to spot bugs, and how to report them. Further, realize that I am not the only one here who has actually shown Apple directly what things are happening. If you look not just at this forum thread on Applevis, but just search through forum topics up here, you'll see exactly what I mean. People have reported this and other things like crazy. Enough said.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Monday, November 11, 2019

Guys, though I cannot believe I'm actually saying this, I have some news I regret to inform everyone regarding. Effective tonight of this thread response, I have made the conscientious decision to completely switch to Android for the time being. Don't get me wrong. I think Apple has done a ton! and I do mean, a ton! for people in the field of accessibility, and I further do agree that for some, iOS might be just fine. Further, I agree that Android isn't for everyone. This said, though I don't wish to start a debate heated or not here on the Applevis website, and though I'm sure this probably is gonna tick off a lot of Applevis users, I'm quite positive, realize that I have to use my phone not just for personal play, but also for work. When Apple has made iOS in certain aspects for my workflow of use hardly tolerable from all the bugs lately, and then even after showing them time after time again and again don't seem to be doing anything, sadly as it may sound, it's *just* time to move on. To Apple's credit, they have something very potentially good going. Definitely I think if they could get the bugs fixed, and stop trying to rush updates... basically, if they could go back to the quality they once were back in iOS 10, 11, etc, then perhaps I'd reconsider things. If it isn't Siri dictation hardly working any longer as it once did, it's Voiceover locking up on my end every so often, or it's powering off the phone then having to wait almost 2 or 3 minutes before holding the side button to get things to power back on/get any power on response. If it's not that, it's one of my phones having to be replaced because updating to iOS 13.0 from iOS 12 literally corrupted my file system so badly that even DFU mode wouldn't work. If it isn't that, it's the reason for this thread: the Siri voice both on the iPhone/iPad as well as on the watch. Or it's my e-mail getting delayed and not pushing notifications to me until about a half a day later from getting the e-mail message in my iMap inbox. I know that isn't the mail server's fault, as I get the mail instantly on my Linux machine running Ubuntu-Mate. I also get it instantly on my Pixel 3 XL. Plus, I'm the mail server admin for my business. If something were going wrong, I'd most likely know about it. Plus, bluetooth braille support which is a biggy for me has lately gone down hill. OK, I can't really say much that Brailleback is any better on Android, but the point is, I've reported this to Apple along with others many many times, yet regressively, it just seems to be constantly getting worse and worse. I'm not here to badmouth those who still say, complain all you want, I'm sticking Apple, get over it. I'm not telling others what to do. I'm not even saying that Apple is all bad. I think Apple has done amazing on a lot of things, and quite frankly, if it wasn't for Apple making Voiceover, I highly doubt other companies like Google, amazon, etc. would have latched on, and agree to also make their stuff accessible. Apple was definitely the one who first proved it could really be done. I mean come on! Prior to them in 2007, and later when they brought Voiceover to iOS, who ever would have thought a touch screen could be used by a blind person? Well, Apple proved it could be. So, before anyone starts accusing me of being negative, look at the facts here, and read here carefully what I'm saying, not just my fine print. I never ever once said nor claimed that Apple was perfect, but neither did I claim that they didn't have major potential. I just think with all these bugs not getting fixed, over time, it's become totally in my definition, unacceptable, and honestly, I'm finally fed up with it. I would be more than happy to give iOS another try if things are proven to have improved, and obviously, I'm not getting rid of my iOS devices. I can't, as with me being an A.T instructor, I have to stay current and own those devices in order to train others, but as far as my personal/business uses of my own, for the time being, my days of iOS pretty much are over. I definitely intend to stay a user on the Applevis website, and I'll keep periodicly monitoring things up here just in case things change, but for right now, iOS just no longer meets my needs/demands/priorities. I hope people understand. Not that I owe anyone an explanation, but just thought out of courtisy, I'd let all of you know. Again, if iOS works well for you, then fantastic! There's no reason then I see for you to try switching, but for my needs, it just isn't working.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Monday, November 11, 2019

Do not blame you for that. We spend over $1000 for a phone and it does not do what it suppose to do. I wish I could do the same. I am hoping that iOS 13.3 will address this bugs but I am not holding my breath. Apple Insider again talk about this issue and apple lack of respond to bugs by the blind community. Microsoft respond ASAP.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Monday, November 11, 2019

Holger, you keep talking about this thing on Apple Insider, but you keep failing to provide a link to that article. Would you, with all due respect, be so kind to provide this link?

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Monday, November 11, 2019

Is a podcast. You just need to go and search Apple Insider. The episode for Friday 8 and the previous Friday.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Monday, November 11, 2019

Thanks Holger. that's easy enough. I listen to podcasts all the time, so I'm perfectly familiar with how that works. I will definitely give that a go. I apologize for the confusion. I thought you meant that you had read about this through their website. I didn't realize that they also had a podcast feed.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, November 11, 2019

I've reported this since ios 13.0, no response. And I'm not factory resetting my device as this is a brand new phone bought in august.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Monday, November 11, 2019

I'm having a similar issue with Siri Female, except that it's not reverting, it's changing pronunciations of words.
For example, instead of dictate, it says dic tight. It's very strange and So hope it's fixed soon.

Submitted by roman on Monday, November 11, 2019

hello. apple has to improve about those Siri voices.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Firstly, Sarah, no one ever asked you to reset your phone. That shouldn't be necessary. And, even if you did, I doubt very seriously that would help.

Secondly, for the more reason of this post, guys, keep in mind... This isn't just about the Siri voices. I mean, yes, that is initially what I wrote in about here, don't get me wrong, but, there's way more to this than just the Siri voices.

Again, let's be fair. I'm not here, like I said initially, and will maintain saying, to bash Apple, or knock them down to the ground. I do feel that Apple has a lot to give. That said, these bugs are becoming rediculous. That's practically all I'm here trying to say. No more, and no less.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I do agree, and I'm sick of some people just saying to us "just reset your phone, all will be well. Um, no it is not well especially as somewhere on this forum they said that voiceover never came up when the set up screen happened and no amount of pressing power 3 times and cursing brought it up. I really. Hope these bugs will be fixed even though they are not severe enough to crash our phones. I think someone on this forum post said they were told to reset their phones?

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Yeah... me. I'm the one who said they told me to do that. LOL!

Submitted by Eric Davis on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

There is confusion between a reset and a restore. A reset will never resolve the issue here. A restore has the potential to resolve the issue if the update was corrupted. Restoring the device requires a computer with a connection to iTunes and the internet to download a clean version of the operating system. If that will not resolve the issue then it is a bug and requires the developers to get out their flyswatters.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Actually, I did know that, and I do agree that there is a huge difference. Neither one solves these problems which have been mentioned here time after time again and again however.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This afternoon about 3:30 PM, my default male siri voice left. I did not do anything to the phone. I was checking news and he just left. Siri female tookover and he is not on the rotor. Alex which I deleted from my iPhone is on the rotor. Maybe it was the cold weather in Chicago? It is very, very cold. I wish I had T Cooks email so I can let him know about how I feel regarding voiceover. I wish he use VO for a week to understand our problems.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

What's cold weather gotta do with anything? I'm confused.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I woudl also do a screen cap of the issue and email it to accessibility@apple.com to see if they really are paying attention. I wondeer why all of us are getting thee"we can't reproduce" when clearly all of us who reported it could, me included, and since august of so.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

In reply to by Chris Gilland

Maybe he left because he did not care for Chicago weather? Maybe Siri voice is in Hawaii? I am trying to make all of this less painful to me and me saying he left is easy.

Submitted by Brooke on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

I've had the same issue with the Siri female voice. Honestly, if I could afford it right now, I would own the new Google Pixel. Since I can't, because I'm still paying off my phone, I'm stuck where I'm at. But I'm starting to grow tired of Apple dismissing certain accessibility bugs. I was told this wasn't a known issue because it hadn't yet been reported. Because I know quite well that it has been reported countless times, that annoyed me.

Submitted by Igna Triay on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

if we sent this thread to apple, do you think they would take it seriously? In the meantime, i would suggest switching voiceover voice

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

No, they probably would not It seems like most of our reports are either going to file 13 or we get the report of we can't reproduce it even after someone whows the bug at the apple store.

Submitted by Igna Triay on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

With multiple people reporting this bug, getting the, sorry, we cant reproduce this bug, or similar responses is bullshit. Is it me, or is apple starting to drop the ball in terms of accessibility? Either apple doesn't really know how to fix this bug, and they are giving that responce to buy themselves time, or they are neglecting accessibility. I'm leaning towards the second option, there have been a lot of instances now that a bunch of users report the same bug;and more than once; I might add; and it doesn't get fixed. I get that people with disabilities are a Minority. But that is in no way an excuse to disregard accessibility, just because; o, this group is a minority, and we are still getting money from other customers, so we'll just ignore this group because they aren't as many as other groups, by whichi mean regular sighted people. I know that this is how companies work, i've seen it time and time again; but its nothing short of maddening that people with disabilities get less consideration as our sighted pears, just because... we're a Minority. I'm not saying apple are bad or that they ahaven't done anything; on the contrary; they have done a lot; but this... mentality' that minority groups are less important and thus not taken into as much consideration as other groups; and sometimes even dismissed outright; has to stop . As an example, lets say ios 14 comes out. Theres a kicker, though. Ios 14 is only for voiceover users, which is to say, voiceover is turned on, screen curtain is turned on, and there is no way to turn voiceover off. No, siri, no tripple click the home or side button, no accessibility setting to turn off voiceover. Its just gone. With that scenario in mind; how do you think sighted people would act? They would probably go crazy, and the backlash would be very bad. Why would this happen though. Because sight is the main way through which a lot of people interact with the world, so of course it has to be integrated into devices etc. Now. How disabled people interact with the world veries, but as for my main point, accessibility is a right, given that for a lot of us, it is the only way to interact with technology. As I before, I et it, we're a minority group; but that's no reason to put us beneath others as less important or dismiss our reports about bugs and problems we are having with our devices. I, though for one, am getting tired of bugs that for us, have been around for sometimes years and are not addressed no matter how many of us report them or how many times we do it.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, November 14, 2019

I do agree, but because we are a small part of apple's revenue, there is not much we can do but keep reporting those bugs, or something. I am learning toward the second choice, or maybe the third, apple really don't give a crap out us, ever since Steve job's died apple really have gone down hill at least as far as bug reporting and fixing of bugs.

Submitted by John on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Chris, I’m having exactly the same problem. And it is also driving me nuts. I wasted way too much time today trying to get the Siri male voice back as my default voice. I finally gave up and switch to Alex and that seems to be working for now.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Someone twitt 9to5 and urge someone there to talk on their podcast. Apple Insider did 2 times on their podcast after I email Victor and share our issues with bugs and VO. I also mention to those who do youtube videos about releases of iOS 13. I point out to them bugs with VO. Some comments and some do not say anything.

Submitted by Igna Triay on Thursday, November 14, 2019

The problem with big companies such as apple, is that at some point, they start caring more about money than their customers. Its not only apple; google, microsoft, every big company; hell, every company becomes like this at some point towards the minority groups out there. Another clear example; freedom scientific. Sure jaws is a good screan reader... but is there main aim to help blind people? That might have been so at some point in there past, but if that still was there main goal, there products wouldn't be so highly priced. If only apple a visually impared person was the head of apple, or high up on the chain of command that they could actually do something... that may happen one day. Oon a separate note, I always find it funny when big companies such as google or apple or microsoft and others talk about equality... please! Look Make a comparison between sighted and people with disabilities using phones... and you'll realise the equality thing ar just theatrics. As of now apple have been sending out a big message; we don't care. I hate to say it, but that's the message they have been sending by not addressing the bugs etc. Apple has done a lot, i'll give them that much; but they could do so much more than what they are doing accessibility wise

Submitted by Igna Triay on Thursday, November 14, 2019

the problem is not contacting apple insider or 9 to 5 mac or other people who put there voices out there, the problem is that apple as far as I know, is refusing to listen, and how can you make a person who wants to be def to reality listen? you cant. until they decide to listen for themselves, theres nothing one can do. Apple is a great company, and i'm grateful for what they've done, but they could be doing more. I mean, of say, 100 percent of effort they are putting into accessibility, they are putting about 5 or 10 percent. I'm still supporting apple, but i'm aware that they need to step it up accessibility wise; bigtime. If they still care, that is. then again, are there blind people, or people with different disabilities working in apple in positions that they can be heard and change things? if not, that's part of the problem why apple is saying they cant reproduce the problem; i mean, its doubtful that, unless you teach accessibility / technology for the blind, you will use voiceover as a sighted person. I could be wrong, but i'm sure there are people who, despite working at apple;have no idea about the accessibility features

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, November 14, 2019

In reply to by Igna Triay

When the main media start to listen and pay attention to others eventually apple will listen. Case in point. Apple appears to discriminate against women regarding their credit on the apple card. Men get more to spend than women. Guy twitted that his credit was higher than his wife and his credit was lower than her and she is working. Several people stated the same and now apple is having to explain and their is an investigation about this.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Today I use my earpods when I went out. I answer a call, no issues, I answer another call, and VO stop working. I turn VO off and on, nothing. I unplug earpods and VO was working. I plug it and nothing. I press volume just for fun and it came up. Nuts. I say nuts. Also my Siri male default went away after that. Using Alex which I deleted yet he is on. When I use vorail, Alex spell it. Nuts, nuts and nuts.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, November 14, 2019

In reply to by Igna Triay

There are blind people working at apple, one who works at apple HQ, but we are few and far between.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, November 14, 2019

Report all of that to apple and see if you get anything, doubt you will. I hope you do though.

Good luck.

People has reported so many bugs that apple is aware of the issues. Even apple insider has stated that apple not addressing bugs that affect the blind is not acceptible. Why apple takes long time to respond and the answer we get when we report a bug is not good. How many time you have reported issues and nothing happens beside apple petting you on the top of your nice head and stating we are aware or we never heard that problem.

Submitted by Roberto C on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

First, I’m having the same problem on both iPhone 11 Pro and iPad Pro 11. iOS 13 has really messed up use of the Siri voices for anything that isn’t Siri. I’ll add that while I use VoiceOver from time to time, I’m not a full-time VoiceOver user. Yet, I have “Siri Male (US)” selected as my voice of choice for VoiceOver, as well as for the Spoken Content options — Speak Screen, Speak Selection and Speak on Touch. My experience mirror that of many in this thread, including the OP. But I also have to add that sometimes, I find that VoiceOver has reverted to using Samantha while Spoken Content still uses Siri or vice versa. Most of the time though, when Siri dies it affects both VoiceOver and Spoken Content.

Have I reported it to Apple? No. Why bother? This very same problem happened all throughout iOS 11 and Apple Support was of ZERO help. It was so bad that some early release notes for iOS 12 claimed using the Siri voices for accessibility services as a new feature of iOS 12, even though they worked fine in iOS 9.3 and worked (for the most part) in iOS 10.x.

My hopes of Apple fixing this problem are closed to none. I only keep trying because I really hate Samantha almost as much as I hate Alex,

Submitted by Igna Triay on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I don't get why give the unknown issue responce though? With more than one person having reported the problem, its not an unknown issue for sure. I just don't get it; why give that responce?

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

My thinking is they don't care, or someone is not doing their job and compareing bug numbers etc. Their QA has gone down the crapper since Jobs died. I can say that much.

Submitted by DJ on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Has anyone tried using alternative English speaking Siri voices other than Alex and Samantha?

Unless any of them are affected also, they could be used temporarily while people wait for the American Siri voice to be repaired. So far, I have not encountered any issue as described in this thread while using the UK male Siri voice.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

When I updated and restarted my default siri male took a vacation for 30 minutes and I think Samantha tookover. Use Alex but do not like him and also I know I deleted him from my iPhone but in rotor he is there. Eventually Siri male came back and did not even tell me where he went. People state we complain to much and smart phones are this and that and we need to understand. Check thread about iOS 13.2.3

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Siri voice went away again this morning. I went to power off the phone. Before I realized what'd happened, the damn thing, I normally wouldn't cuss up here on a site like this, but this warrants it. The damn thing called 9 1 1! Fortunately, I was able to explain to the dispatcher the situation. They weren't very impressed, but let it go. Basically giving me a warning saying, don't ever let it happen again, sir, or we'll take action. Egg freaking skeuze me? This was my fault, um, how? Applevis editorial people may not like me for so openly saying this, but I have just about had it up to here with Apple! I swear to God!

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In my last post, what I mean is, it called 9 1 1, instead of powering off.

Submitted by Chris Gilland on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Apple now on phone is telling me this is a rumor.